Coastal Garden Ideas and Inspiration

A trip to the seaside is a relaxing way to escape and connect with nature. It’s therefore no wonder that people want to create this environment in their very own back garden. A coastal-inspired garden embraces natural textures, weathered finishes and a loose style of planting to recreate the seaside feel that we all know and love. Designing your own coastal garden is about using the ocean and seaside features, materials and textures that you experience when visiting the beach, you don’t need to live near the coast to create this in your own outdoor space.

At Holt Garden Centre, we stock a wide selection of plants, garden accessories and furniture to help you create your very own coastal garden.

Tips For Designing Your Own Coastal Garden


  • To recreate the feeling of plants and grasses growing from the sand use shingle and gravel to plant directly into it.
  • Use raised beds edged with weathered wood to create the appearance and effect of driftwood. Raised beds are typical of coastal gardens and areas near the sea as they are used as a solution to cope with poor soil quality. Planting directly into shingle areas with drought-tolerant plants, ornamental grasses and ground varieties look particularly effective.
  • A colour palette inspired by plants and things found in coastal areas can create the same feeling. Silvers, olive greens, purples, whites and blues are typical of these locations. 
  • Grasses, low growing sedums and stachys are also commonly found in these areas. 
  • Wooden decking helps to introduce a seaside feel, especially when decorated with sun loungers and relaxing garden furniture 
  • Use shells and nautical-themed garden ornaments to decorate shingle areas and create interest in raised beds.
  • Design borders to have a natural loose shape, inspiring just how the land meets the sea.
  • Create the sound of moving water, reminiscent of the sea by adding water features
  • Light coloured fence paint can help create a natural-looking area with the focus on the plants.

Best plants to add to a coastal garden

  • Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare)
  • Salvias 
  • Globe Thistle (Echinops)
  • Sea holly (Eryngium)
  • Mexican feathergrass (Nassella tenuissima)
  • Sea kale (Crambe maritima)
  • Cordyline australis (cabbage palm)
  • Glauca (Blue Fescue)
  • Sea campion (silene uniflora)


Garden Accessories to Add to Your Coastal Garden

When you have finished planting, there are also elements that can help create a more coastal feel.

  • Water features can help create the sound of running water which sounds like the beach
  • Nautical garden accessories like windchimes, wooden signs, and metal garden wall art can help add texture and keep the theme running throughout.
  • Garden furniture and cushions, especially in blue and white can help create a seaside, beach chair feel.
  • Solar lighting can also be added to highlight key garden features and creates the feeling of walking along the promenade.
  • Using plant pots that have scale textures and images of sailing boats and fish also help to complement the look.

Designing your own garden can help you to relax and enjoy your outdoor area and be themed around something you love. If you would like help choosing plants or designing your own coastal-themed garden, feel free to pop instore and talk to our knowledgeable team members who will happily help and advise you. 

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