Contemporary Garden Ideas and Inspiration

Contemporary gardens have a simplistic beauty which oozes style and embraces the minimalist gardening approach. Becoming ever popular due to the changes in home trends and working lifestyles, they are often low maintenance and remain timeless. This style of gardening is suitable for both large and small spaces and is often used as an extension of your home, containing seating areas and blending the boundaries between garden and house.

At Holt Garden Centre we have a wide range of plants, garden accessories and garden furniture to help you create your very own contemporary style garden.

Tips for Designing Your Own Contemporary Garden

  • Plan and plant in straight lines, using repeating patterns and colours to help create the simplistic and minimal style.
  • Aggregates and hard landscaping can help to create structure paths and zones. Decking, pale stones and metal sculptures are often featured in this type of garden. 
  • Borders can be used to create lines and clear definitions between plants, boundaries and landscaping. Straight, geometric, curves and crisp lines are all commonly featured in this type of garden.
  • Rather than adding lots of plants in small planters, consider using fewer, large statement planters to stop the area appearing cluttered and contributing to the minimalistic style.
  • If you have a larger garden consider adding a seating area. This will help create intimate zones and extend the look of your indoor space.
  • Your colour palette should remain simple. Most contemporary and modern gardens feature green, grey and white. Add light paving stones, gravel and white flowers to create a stark contrast from the foliage and lawn. 
  • This type of garden is perfect for entertaining. Think about adding a firepit during the summer so that you can enjoy the summer long into the evening.

Plants to Add To Your Contemporary Garden

Using a limited number of plants in patterns is a great way to keep in line with the simplistic style. Repeated colours are also popular in this type of garden and helps to pull together the theme, the fewer colours that you use, the more stylish and modern the end result will be. 

  • Bamboo
  • Topiary, including box and bay
  • Agapanthus
  • Muscari
  • Evergreen shrubs 
  • California Lilacs (ceanothus)
  • Laurustinus (viburnum tinus)
  • Chollipo (Euonymus japonicus)
  • Mexican orange blossom (Choisya ternata)

Garden Accessories to Add to Your Contemporary Garden

Adding the finishing touches can really help bring the style of the garden alive. For a contemporary garden you could add:

  • Water features can help create a natural yet in touch with nature feel, contrasting the symmetry in the garden whilst reflecting the colours and plants
  • Garden furniture and suites can be added to extend your living area and provide the perfect place to relax
  • Solar lighting can be used to highlight key features in the garden and enable you to spend long evenings outside

Creating a contemporary garden can provide a relaxing place for you to enjoy in the summer evenings and their minimal maintenance approach means you don’t have to worry about spending hours upon hours maintaining the look and feel.

If you would like any more help or advice on how to transform your own garden into a contemporary paradise, please don’t hesitate to pop in and talk to one of our team members who can happily advise you on the best ways to update your space.

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