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Transform your garden with our premium garden sheds, offering the perfect blend of functionality and style. Our collection features sheds of all shapes and sizes so you are certain to find one to fit your needs.

Enhance your outdoor space with our high-quality sheds, constructed from durable materials to provide secure and weather-resistant storage solutions. From the charming Alpine Dalby Apex to the spacious Dutch barn, each shed is designed for easy assembly and maintenance, ensuring your garden remains tidy and organized with minimal effort.

Garden sheds come in various styles and sizes to meet diverse needs. Popular types include Alpine wing cabins, heavy-duty Apex sheds, potting sheds, wendyhouses, and Dutch barns. Each type offers unique features and benefits, from the spacious storage capacity of Dutch barns to the charming design of wendyhouses.

Maintaining a garden shed involves regular cleaning, checking for any signs of damage, and ensuring proper ventilation. It’s also important to treat the wood with preservatives to prevent rot and weather damage, and to make any necessary repairs promptly to keep the shed in good condition.

Assembling a garden shed typically involves following detailed instructions provided by the manufacturer. It usually requires basic tools and some DIY skills. Start by preparing a level base, then assemble the shed panels according to the instructions, secure the roof, and finally add any finishing touches such as shelves or hooks for added functionality.

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We can deliver items to your home if required. Our delivery fees are:

Within 5 miles £7.50
5-10 miles £15
10-15 miles £20

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Please note there is a two person surcharge of £20 for larger items.