Garden Lighting Ideas and Inspiration

Lighting is a big part of your garden design, helping you to enjoy your outdoor space even when the sun goes down. Not only can it help add ambiance to your outdoor dining space, and illuminate your favourite plants, it is also practical, helping to brighten dark areas and hidden steps. Using how the sun moves across your garden you can manipulate the perspective, textures and depth of your garden by creating shadows and illuminating focal points.

At Holt Garden Centre we stock a wide range of outdoor lighting, helping you to create a beautiful space and show off your hard work no matter the time of day or year. With a range of wall lighting, PIR security lights and solar options there is something suitable for every garden, and our friendly team is also on hand to advise you on the best lighting for your space.

Tips for adding outdoor lighting for your garden:

There are two main considerations when adding light to your garden, functionality and ambiance. Functionally you need to be able to navigate your garden safely, whether that be a pathway, steps or cooking outside. Lighting can be added very subtlety to the space by illuminating nearby plants and using the dissipated light to manoeuvre or using repeated solar lanterns. PIR safety lights are great for use above a shed, front garden or driveways, and are great for illuminating areas when there is movement. Ambient lighting can help make your garden appear cosier and highlight features such as your dining set, seating or plants.

  • Add height to your garden by illuminating trees. You can achieve this look in multiple ways, from adding a ground level light to intertwining the trunk with solar powered string lighting. Well placed tree lights will highlight the details of the tree including the texture of the foliage.
  • For those that enjoy alfresco dining, you can help create a peaceful atmosphere by using portable battery powered or solar lanterns and citronella candles.
  • If you don’t have easy access to your mains electricity, battery powered lights make a great alternative and with the added benefit of being able to be moved, wherever you see fit. There is also often the option to have lights with built in timers, which is great as you don’t need to worry about turning them on and off, and you can set them to the appropriate time for your needs.
  • Garden paths can be outlined with solar lighting that is both functional and helps to create depth to your space. Similarly, decking can be illuminated with ground lights to highlight steps and create a welcoming glow.
  • Cleverly positioned garden mirrors can also be positioned to help reflect the light that you do add to your garden, these are particularly effective around seating areas.
  • Festoon lights are great to use on pergolas and fencing to create an atmospheric glow and outline your space.

What type of lighting is best for your garden?

When choosing your lighting make sure that these are outdoor specific for longevity. Whether you are after creating an ambient glow or are using lighting for security purposes will affect the brightness and colour of the bulbs. If you are adding light to a large outdoor space, rather than going brighter on a bulb, consider layering and using different types of lighting to illuminate your area. LED lighting tends to have lower running costs and is more efficient than traditional bulbs, and solar lighting, as long as it’s well positioned to charge during the day, are perfect for areas with no electricity and for no running costs.

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to buying outdoor lights, from string lights, solar lanterns to novelty solar lights that add character. Regardless of what you are looking for, Holt Garden Centre stocks a wide range of lighting options, suitable for all your needs. Visit us in store to see our full offering and, don’t hesitate to ask our team for help and advice on all your gardening needs.

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