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Gardening Tools & Equipment at Holt Garden Centre

Regardless of the season, your garden demands attention year-round. Whether you’re cultivating new flower beds, nurturing seedlings, or tending to general garden upkeep, we offer a wide range of garden tools and gardening equipment to ensure your garden thrives throughout every season.

Simplify your visit by utilising our convenient in-store ‘Select and Collect’ service. With this option, you can purchase your compost at the checkout and have your larger or heavier items loaded into your vehicle effortlessly through our designated collection point.

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We stock a large variety of different composts to suit your needs. These include Multi-Purpose, Peat Free, Water Saving and other specialist soils. We also sell decorative barks, Bone Meal and Chicken Manure – everything you need to enrich your growing garden.

For gardening advice head to the Articles page of the website for the latest how to guides, garden inspiration and what to do in your garden each month. Our experienced team are also on hand to give help and suggestions on making your garden flourish.

Decorative Aggregates

As well as composts, we supply decorative aggregates both urban and contemporary. Our aggregate selection includes pebbles & cobbles, gravels & chippings alongside a horticultural range and a foundation DIY range. Decorative stones and gravel are versatile and hard-wearing, making them an ideal choice for a variety of garden projects.

Whether you are creating a path, pond, flower bed or transforming your landscaping, decorative aggregates can instantly give your garden a stylish look that lasts for years. They tend to require less maintenance saving you time and money.

Decorative Aggregates Norfolk
Watering Garden Supplies Norfolk


Keeping your garden watered is vital, so at Holt Garden Centre we have everything you need to keep your garden nourished and to make the job as easy as possible. We supply Sprinklers & Sprayers, Guns & Lances, Micro Irrigation and both floor-standing and wall-mounted hose reels.

Water is a precious resource so using it wisely is just as important. Our staff can advise ways to keep your garden hydrated and the best tools for the job.

Garden Tools

Keep your garden in tip-top shape with our extensive range of garden tools. Our selection on offer includes trowels, rakes, forks, secateurs, spades, hoe to watering cans – we have everything you need for digging, planting, weeding, pruning, cultivating and more.

Our brands include the National Trust range, Wilkinson Sword range, Wolf Garten range, a kids range and seasonal promotions throughout the year.

Garden Tools Norfolk
Garden Feed & Weed Killer Norfolk

Feeds, Weeds, Pests & Disease

To keep your outdoor plants looking their best keep a look out for those pesky garden invaders. There are ways to ward off pests and disease but if all else fails there are cures to bring your plant back to life. Even your indoor plants are susceptible to a range of pests and diseases that can cause damage to your plants and are difficult to control without the use of sprays.

We stock a large range of garden care products including Lawn Care, Weedkiller, Plant feed (both general and specialist), Fungus Fighters, and Rodent Control. Our professionally trained team are happy to advise you on the best product to maximise efficiency but also minimise environmental impact.

Plant Supports

Many plants require support as they grow to keep them healthy and looking their best. There are a wide range of easy to use plant supports that will help your flowers, fruit or vegetables off the ground and flourish. Climbing plant supports can also encourage your plants to climb.

If your plants are in need of some physical support why not check out our support selection? We have cottage-style perennial supports, contemporary obelisks, arches (both metal and wooden), bamboo canes and tree stakes. Supports can come in all shapes and sizes so it can be important to think about your garden style and the plant you are trying to support.

Plant Supports in Norfolk

Compost enriches soil with nutrients and is typically mixed into the soil, while mulch is spread on the surface to retain moisture and control weeds.

Yes, compost benefits a wide range of plants, providing essential nutrients and improving soil structure. However, some plants may have specific soil preferences.

To create homemade compost, gather green and brown organic materials like kitchen scraps and garden waste, layer them, and provide aeration. Over time, nature will transform them into nutrient-rich compost.

Yes, aggregates like gravel or crushed stone are excellent for enhancing drainage and suppressing weed growth when properly applied in gardens and landscaping.

Absolutely, aggregates can improve drainage in container gardens, ensuring optimal moisture levels for healthy potted plants.

The watering frequency depends on factors like weather and plant type. Typically, water in the morning to prevent evaporation and allow the soil to dry before evening to reduce the risk of fungal diseases.

Essential garden tools for beginners include a trowel, pruners, a garden fork, a watering can, and a hand rake. These basic garden tools can cover a wide range of gardening tasks.

To maintain your garden tools, clean off dirt and debris after each use, sharpen blades as needed, and store them in a dry, protected area. Regular maintenance extends their lifespan and efficiency.

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