How To: Care For Your Christmas Tree

Caring for your new Christmas tree doesn’t have to be a chore this holiday season. Christmas trees take around 5-10 years to reach full maturity and can last about 4-6 weeks in your home if you look after them well. To keep your tree looking luscious and green, rather than brown and thin throughout the festive period, we have a few handy tips you can follow. 

Things you will need include: Your tree, a large bucket, a panel saw, a watering can, and a stable tree stand that can hold water.

How To: Care For Your Christmas Tree

When you bring your newly cut tree home and before bringing it indoors, saw around 2-3 cm off the base of the tree trunk and place the tree in a bucket of water. This will help give your tree an extra boost and store some water for the weeks ahead. Cutting the base of the trunk enables it to take in more water – a bit like fresh-cut flowers. 

When you are ready to bring your tree inside and set it up, shake the tree a little to remove any loose needles. If the tree is very full you can trim some of the branches which reduces the number of branches that need water, and the cut branches can even be used to create a beautiful Christmas Wreath.

Once inside, secure the trunk in a heavy duty Christmas tree stand. Avoid putting a real tree in soil or sand as this can reduce the amount of water it can absorb. Put your tree up a few hours before you intend to decorate it as this allows time for the branches to settle into a natural position. Remember to water your tree every day to keep it looking full and green – if your tree becomes dehydrated it will wilt and the needles will turn brown. You need around 500ml a day to keep your tree looking its best.

How To: Care For Your Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are susceptible to drying out when exposed to heat sources; keep your tree away from radiators and fires where possible. If this is not possible, try turning down the radiator a couple of degrees in the room where the tree is situated. As with fairy lights, they can warm up considerably throughout the day so it’s best practice to turn them off overnight or when you are not home to allow time for your tree to cool down.

If your Christmas tree is grown in a pot, take it out of its netting and give it a shake to remove any loose foliage. It’s a good idea to give your tree some time to acclimatise to warmer air by storing it in a basement, shed or garage away from any heat sources. Once the tree is set up in your home make sure to water it frequently to keep the roots cool and wet.

The old trick of coating your tree with hairspray does help prevent moisture loss through the needles – however, this is NOT recommended due to it being a fire hazard. With enough watering and TLC, your Christmas tree should last right the way through the holiday season into the new year. To find out more about caring for your tree or how to dispose of/recycle your tree you can pop into the store at Holt Garden Centre and speak to one of our friendly team.

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