How To: Choose a Christmas Tree

Choosing a Christmas Tree is often a highlight of the festive season. Wandering around the garden centre looking at all the different varieties of trees, deciding between a Norway Spruce or Nordmann Fir. In this guide we’ll give you a rundown of everything you need to know about these species of tree, and what to look out for before getting your Christmas tree home.

How To: Choose a Christmas Tree

Norway Spruce

Often known as the most traditional of Christmas trees, this species of tree boasts an abundance of branches and needles which makes light work of hanging up all those ornaments and baubles! (Just be careful as the needles are quite pointy!) This tree also has a long-lasting “resinous” aroma which makes for a very Christmassy feel. One thing to be wary of with the Norway Spruce is that they can lose their needles fairly quickly after being brought indoors. Keep it away from any heat sources and ensure it is watered every day to ensure its longevity throughout December.

Nordmann Fir

This variety of tree is one of the most popular choices throughout Europe thanks to its even shape with soft foliage, making it quick and easy to decorate, along with its subtle citrus scent. The needles of the Nordmann Fir are glossy and dark green with a white, light blue underside. The branches are also very strong which is handy if you have lots of fairy lights and ornaments to hang. Lastly, this tree is particularly handy for any allergy sufferers as the needles have a thick waxy coating.

Things to Consider

Before chopping down your chosen tree, it’s worth taking some time to work out where the tree will be placed and the available space. Make sure the tree can be placed in a low-traffic area so it’s not bumped into and young ones don’t hurt themselves on the needles. You will want to leave around 6 inches between the top of the tree and the ceiling, taking into account the added height from the tree stand. If you’re using a tree topper such as a star or angel then it’s worth leaving around 12 inches between the tree and the ceiling. If you have standard 8-foot ceilings then a 7-foot tree will be ideal.

Lastly, make sure you’re familiar with how to care for your Christmas tree both when you get it home and during the holiday period. Once the festivities have come to an end it’s also worth considering how to dispose of or recycle your tree. If you need some more inspiration about choosing the right tree you can pop into the store at Holt Garden Centre, where we are also selling an array of trees and wreaths including Nordmann Fir and Norway Spruces.

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