How To: Choose A Greenhouse

For those who love gardening, a greenhouse is the perfect addition to your garden. These garden structures allow you to start seeds early, raise seedlings, overwinter plants and grow crops, helping you to extend your growing season.  With so many different features and functions, it can be tempting to purchase the first you see, but there are so many different greenhouses it’s important to find the one that best suits you and your gardening needs. 

Don’t let the British weather stop you from growing your favourite plants, garden all year round with a greenhouse from Holt Garden Centre. Take a look below at our guide on how to choose a greenhouse. 

How To: Choose A Greenhouse

Before buying a greenhouse


Before investing in a greenhouse one of the most things you need to decide first, is what you will be primarily using it for as this will help you narrow down your choices. Your available space, what types of plants you want to grow, and flooring will impact the type and size of the greenhouse you will need.


There are a variety of different shapes that you can choose between when purchasing a greenhouse, with some that may suit your available space more than others. The traditional apex structures are perfect for larger gardens, whereas lean-to’s take advantage of existing walls and structures like a garage, which is better for tighter spaces and have the added convenience of being closely located to the house.

Staging and Shelving

The greenhouse you choose should be able to accommodate all of the plants that you would like to grow.  A greenhouse equipped with shelving can help you grow more in a smaller space, growing plants at different levels. Staging is specifically designed to withstand the temperature and humidity within your greenhouse and allows necessary drainage for your plants.



Depending on the greenhouse you choose you will have the option of different glazing options. Horticultural glass is specifically designed to let in the most light whereas toughened safety glass is reinforced and is a great option for high traffic areas and for those with children and pets. There is also the option for Polycarbonate UVI treated glass which is also a great choice for those with young families and pets.

How To: Choose A Greenhouse


Greenhouses should be placed where they can receive a large amount of uninterrupted sunlight during the day. The position of the sun during the different seasons will change where this is in your garden, so consider what time of year you are mostly likely to use your greenhouse and place it accordingly.


Temperature and humidity are extremely important in your greenhouse, as is ventilation. Many plants will fail to thrive with inadequate ventilation, so it is important to make sure that air can easily enter and exit, whilst retaining heat. Your greenhouse should be equipped with roof ventilation or windows to help you maintain a steady atmosphere. Our range of greenhouses are available with louvre vents and automatic roof openers to both improve circulation and make ventilating your greenhouse easier.

Doors and Access

For easy entry low threshold doors and double doors are perfect for those with reduced mobility. There is also the option of having handles and locks added for security.

Additional Options

There are many additional products that you can add to your greenhouse to help make gardening easier. Heating elements, automatic watering systems and automatic window openers can all help you maintain a suitable growing environment all year round.

At Holt Garden Centre we stock a range of British-built greenhouses which are available in 11 powder-coated colours. Our greenhouses are available in many different sizes and styles, with something to suit every garden and gardener. We also provide a wide range of accessories to compliment your greenhouse, and you will be able to find everything you need to grow your seedlings in store. For more information about our greenhouses, or for help and advice on finding the best greenhouse for your space, please don’t hesitate to contact our team who will be more than happy to help.

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