How To: Choose Summer Flowering Plants

Summer is the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy your garden. Seeing your garden in full bloom with an array of colours is known to help improve your mood and makes the perfect backdrop for alfresco dining.  To make the most of this time of year, choose species that flower from June to September in order to get the best blooms throughout the summer.

At Holt Garden Centre we stock a wide range of plants which are seasonally led for high quality, but we also have a wide selection of seeds that you can grow to create spectacular blooms. Below are a few of our favourite summer flowering plants that will help you to get a garden full of colour and fragrance.

How To: Choose Summer Flowering Plants

What Flowers Bloom Best in Summer


These perennial plants begin flowering in early summer, producing tall flowers in blue, purple, pink, reds and white. There are more than 300 different varieties, some of which can produce flowers up to six feet tall. These plants prefer sunny spots with shelter from the wind.


These plants flower all throughout the summer into late autumn and prefer fertile, well-drained soil which receive high levels of sunlight. There are larger varieties which grow big blooms, and miniature pom-pom varieties which have much smaller flowers.


Widely known for its fragrant flowers and foliage, Lavender thrives in sunny spots and begins flowering from the late spring. A lover of full sunlight, this species is also drought tolerant and attracts wildlife.


Available in a wide range of colours, Salvias are a firm favourite with bees and butterflies. They become established quickly and once they are, they are also drought tolerant.


Popular for vertical spaces and to fill gaps, Clematis is a climbing plant which thrives in 6 hours of direct sunlight per day.


Easy to grow and blooms throughout summer and into autumn, Geraniums are firm favourites and have trailing, climbing and upright varieties. They thrive in sunny areas and can tolerate warm conditions.

How To: Choose Summer Flowering Plants

What Summer Flowers Do Well in Full Sun

If you are lucky enough to have a sun trap, try introducing some of these summer flowering plants that thrive in full sunlight.


Renowned for their bright vibrant yellow and orange colours, Marigolds best grow in direct sunlight.


Large trumpet-like flowers available in a range of bright colours including striped varieties. Suitable for hanging baskets, window boxes, containers and bedding.


Thriving in sun and shade and suitable for beds, borders and hanging baskets, you can find Begonias in many different colours and shapes. Keep the soil moist and try to use it in spots that experience some daily shade.


Popular with bees and will help bring butterflies to your garden. They are available mainly in shades of white, pink and red and bloom in mid summer through to autumn.

Sweet Peas 

Often flowering from early May, keep deadheading Sweet Peas throughout the season for long lasting blooms. Their flowers can reach heights of 1.8m and have a distinctive fragrance or you can try dwarf sweet peas for ground cover in beds and borders.


Many different varieties this refers to but most thrive in full sunlight and produce beautiful bright flowers ranging in colour from purple to white. Depending on the species these can be used for bedding flowers or wildflower gardens.


With many different varieties, Sunflowers are a firm family favourite and can be grown directly from seed easily. Take a look at our blog on how to grow sunflowers in pots for more information on adding them to your garden.


The lavender and pink flowers grow well in direct sunlight and grow up to 18 inches. Blooming from June to October they come in a variety of different heights and are suitable for different growing situations.

At Holt Garden Centre we have a wide range of summer bedding plants that can spruce up any garden. If you need any help or advice, please don’t hesitate to pop into store and speak to one of our friendly staff members who will be happy to help you find the right plants for your garden.

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