How To: Grow Your Own Herbs & Spices

Growing your own herbs and spices is easy, affordable and most importantly, delicious. With herbs especially, you don’t even need much space – just a windowsill with some sunlight is enough to produce the likes of basil and coriander. Let’s take a look at some of the easiest herbs and spices to grow both indoors and in your garden.

How To: Grow Your Own Herbs & Spices

Easiest Herbs to grow:

This herb grows well in moist but well-drained soil from full sun to partial shade. It’s best to grow in a pot as it can compete with neighbouring plants. Mint is extremely easy to grow from root cuttings or young plants, so there’s no need to grow from seeds. Like most herb, mint is best used fresh from the plant and is delicious added to buttered peas, new potatoes or as part of a mojito!

Also known as Marjoram, this herb is a key ingredient in many Mediterranean dishes such as pizza, pasta, and Greek salads. You can grow Oregano in free-draining soil in a sunny but sheltered area. This herb can be grown from seed with ease and can be harvested as and when required or alternatively, hung to dry and the leaves crushed.

Many types of sage do as well in pots as they do in soil, and can be harvested all year round. Like most other herbs, it thrives in a sunny area as this brings out the full flavour of the leaves. Sage can be used in a variety of dishes from soups to casseroles and stuffing.

Easiest Spices to Grow:

Coriander is also known as cilantro. These dried seeds of this herb are commonly used in Indian, Mexican and Latin American cuisine. The aroma is very rich and citrusy. Like cilantro, simply let it flower and come to seed, then collect the seeds and use them as fresh as possible.

The seeds of a cumin plant are a commonly used spice, especially in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and South Asian cooking. Cumin belongs to the parsley family and prefers frost-free climates. You can grow it in the spring for a harvest in the mid to late summer, or if you live in a warmer climate, plant it in winter.

Ginger comes with many benefits for both the body and the brain as it is nutrient-rich with various bioactive compounds. It can be used in its fresh and dried form and is very easy to grow indoors, with the added bonus of being harvestable all year round.

How To: Grow Your Own Herbs & Spices


Which herbs and spices will grow forever?

There are many herbs and spices which will continuously grow and can be harvested most of the year. They include the likes of Mint, Chives, Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley, Lemon Balm, Fennel, Oregano, Sage

Which herbs grow best indoors?

As long as you have a windowsill with some sunlight, the best herbs to grow indoors are Basil, Chives, Dill, and Parsley. Chives and Basil also thrive outside.

Come and visit our garden centre and browse our range of seasonal herb plants. If you’d like to grow your own, we also have a wide variety of seeds, pots and soil where you can create your own herb garden or small patch on the window ledge.

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