How To: Make a Christmas Wreath

Making a Christmas Wreath is a fun activity for the family and a perfect way to welcome guests to your home during this festive season. Traditional Christmas wreaths include evergreen foliage such as ivy, spruce, conifers and even moss as well as cinnamon sticks and dried oranges. In this guide, we’ll explain what you need to create your own Christmas wreath with natural trimmings and things that can also be found in your garden.

How To: Make a Christmas Wreath

For this, you will need a wreath ring, scissors, green or brown twice, florist wire, moss, and a variety of textured foliage such as spruce, ivory and evergreen oak. Things such as pine cones can also add a festive feel to your wreath. 

The first thing you need to do is add a generous amount of moss to the wreath ring and secure it tightly with the twine, creating a compact and sturdy base to work with.

From here, take small bunches of the foliage you have gathered from the garden and add them to the wreath ring using the twine and overlapping the greenery as you go to avoid any gaps and the stems showing through. Continue until all the moss is covered and you have achieved a full, rounded shape to your wreath.

Next, bundle together a few cinnamon sticks with wire; you can add some ribbon to cover the wire if you so wish. Attached these bundles of cinnamon to the wreath with roughly equal distances around the ring – around 4-5 bundles should be enough depending on the size and fullness of the wreath.

How To: Make a Christmas Wreath

Finally, you can add the finishing touches with small dried oranges, pine cones and even some small berries, seed heads and ribbon. Use the florist wire to attach these items to the wreath by poking it through the moss and through to the other side and twisting the wire to secure it into place. Don’t forget to add a loop of wire at the top of your wreath so you can attach it securely to your front door.

Most of these items can be found in your garden, at a nearby Christmas Tree Farm or even your local park – just be careful not to take more than you need and leave plenty of berries and seeds for the local wildlife too.

At Holt Garden Centre, we sell Christmas tree foliage by the bundle so if you’re looking for some inspiration for your wreaths, why not visit us where you can browse our Christmas ranges and speak to a member of our team for some more ideas?

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