How To: Plant Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are a fabulous way to add a splash of colour to exterior walls and are often very low maintenance. They can even be used to grow things such as strawberries to keep them out of the way of slugs. Hanging basket displays needn’t be expensive either – the main cost will be the basket itself. Read on to find out how to get the most out of your baskets.

How To: Plant Hanging Baskets

Which plants are best for a hanging basket?

To create a beautiful display it is best to choose a variety of trailing and upright plants. The taller, upright plants should be planted in the middle of the basket to create a focal point, with the trailing plants around the edge which then hang over the basket and cover the liner to make it look more natural. 

Plants such as Geraniums, Begonias, Sweet Peas and Petunias will work well, as well as some trailing Lobelia.

Getting Started

Outdoor hanging baskets can be planted at roughly the same time as in-ground perennials. Just be sure that the last of the frost has passed, this is usually around April or May. In terms of equipment and materials, you will need a hanging basket of your choice, a strong wall bracket, some basket liners, all-purpose potting soil and of course your plants. It is also handy to have a garden trowel and utility knife or scissors on hand too.

How To: Plant Hanging Baskets

Creating Your Hanging Basket

Place your basket on a large pot or bucket to keep it from tipping over and cut a few holes in the liner. These liners can be plastic, moss, coir or even jute. These holes allow you to plant trailing plants around the underside of the basket.

Using your trowel, fill the basket halfway with potting compost. Plant the largest/tallest plant in the middle of your basket such as a Fuchsia or Geranium to create impact and structure. Next, plant trailing plants are evenly spaced around the sides and angle them slightly towards the edge of the basket.

You can fill in the remaining spaces with plants such as Verbenas and small Petunias and then fill in the rest of the basket with soil. Firm the soil gently, and water generously.

Care For Your Hanging Basket

Once created, hang up the basket according to the instructions – making sure to position it in a sunny spot but away from cold winds. 

If you’re unable to water them for a period of time it is worth adding moisture-absorbing compost or crystals to the soil as it will retain twice as much water as ordinary potting soil. Most composts will only have enough nutrients for around 6 weeks, so it is important to top up with plant feed every couple of weeks. 

It is also worth pinching off early flowers from your plants so they can use their energy to establish roots. Once the plants are larger you can let them come into full bloom.

Pop into store at Holt Garden Centre where you can pick up hanging baskets and all the materials you need to create your own beautiful displays. Speak to a member of staff about the best plants and feeds to keep your outdoor place vibrant and full of colour.

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