BBQ Accessories & Tools

Browse our range of BBQ accessories, including dried kiln logs, charcoal, barbeque cooking utensils and more. From SUPAGRILL, we stock 4kg briquettes as well as lumpwood charcoal. 

As part of the Weber barbeque range, we also stock their premium stainless steel BBQ tool set. Pop in-store, or contact us to find out more about our range of barbeque accessories and tools.

Whilst some cooking utensils are a must-have, some lesser-known accessories such as thermometers for making sure your food is up to temperature, some quality cleaning tools and a BBQ cover should form the core of your barbeque accessories.

Some handy utensils for the barbeque include tongs, a BBQ fork, a spatula, oven gloves, a good carving knife and meat scissors. The tongs and spatula will be essential for cooking and serving your delicious food.

The essential items for a barbeque (aside from cooking utensils!) should be fuel – whether that’s gas, propane or charcoal. Some handy fire starters such as firelighters are a good idea, and something to put out a fire should things get out of hand such as a bucket of sand.

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Home Delivery Available

We can deliver items to your home if required. Our delivery fees are:

Within 5 miles £7.50
5-10 miles £15
10-15 miles £20

15-20 miles £25
20-25 miles £35
25-30 miles £60

Please note there is a two person surcharge of £20 for larger items.