Plant Pots & Seed Planting Trays

Plant Pots & Seed Planting Trays at Holt Garden Centre

At Holt Garden Centre, we offer an extensive selection of indoor and outdoor plant pots to cater to your gardening requirements. Explore our variety, including outdoor glazed plant pots, lightweight fibreclay options, troughs, and trays, as well as raised and kitchen planters. For indoor plants, we provide decorative pot covers, along with British-made Yorkshire pots and convenient plastic seedling pots.

Our vast range of plant pots is conveniently located throughout the garden centre. Don’t miss out on our In-store Select and Collect service, ideal for larger items that require assistance with car delivery.

Outdoor Glazed Pots Norfolk

Outdoor Glazed Pots

Our glazed pots are a popular choice for the hobby gardener or serious landscaper. They come in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes. These are suitable for outdoor plants as the pots are completely frost-proof and are able to withstand the varying temperatures of the British climate. Our glazed pots are ideal to display specimen plant trees and Bamboo. Simply add a small layer of stones or pebbles to your pot before planting to strengthen the roots of your plant to allow it to flourish. Our friendly team will be on hand to advise on the best pot for your chosen plant that will suit your budget.

Fibreclay Pots

Make a statement in your garden with our selection of fibreclay pots that come in a range of shapes, sizes and colours. Fibreclay pots are created with clay that is specially reinforced with a fibreglass mesh which creates a lightweight yet strong outdoor planter. Our fibreclay pots can be left outdoors all year round due to being weather-resistant and durable, making them a must-have for any garden.

We have square plant pots available that can look eye-catching individually or in pairs placed outside your front door or on your patio area. Fibreclay pots are easy to care for and simply require a damp cloth to remove any dirt.

Outdoor Fibreclay Pots Norfolk
Yorkshire Pots

Yorkshire Pots

Our British-made Yorkshire flowerpots aim to combine industrial heritage with modern design. We offer a range of Yorkshire flowerpots in various styles and sizes to compliment any garden. Made by the UK’s leading manufacturer of high quality natural clay products, together with input from some of Britain’s leading designers, gives these a unique and handmade feel.

These pots can add a traditional or contemporary feel to any garden, while also boasting frost resistance up to -15°. Produced by experienced and skilled craftsmen, they come with a unique Lifetime guarantee and are 100% environmentally friendly.

Decorative Pot Covers

We offer a selection of decorative pot covers in various sizes, colours and shapes, perfect for any of your indoor plants. These decorative covers are guaranteed to add a splash of colour and style to your home.

Our knowledgeable staff are always on hand to show you our extensive selection of pot covers and can recommend the best size pot for your plant. Why not visit our selection of indoor plants to match up the perfect plant and pot to buy for yourself or as a personalised and thoughtful gift to others.

Decorative Pot Covers Norfolk
Plastic Garden Pots Norfolk

Plastic Pots

We have a large collection of plastic pots to suit your every need. Including seed trays, and planters ranging in shape and size. These can work both indoors and outdoors depending on the plant. Our variety of lightweight and cost-effective pots are ideal for growing and caring for your favourite plants.

Not sure of the size or type of plastic pot you need? Our dedicated staff are more than happy to advise on the type and size pot you will require when growing your plants from seed to repotting your plants that have outgrown their original pot.

Choose pots with drainage holes to prevent overwatering. Materials like ceramic, terracotta, or plastic work well.

Wash pots with warm, soapy water, and disinfect them if needed. Ensure they’re completely dry before reuse.

It is best to avoid pots without drainage holes to prevent overwatering. Instead, you could plastic pot to grow your plant in, and then use a decorative pot cover. At the garden centre we stock a wide range of pot covers to suit seasonal colours and many different designs, the pot covers have no drainage so they protect indoor surfaces.

Yes, drainage holes are crucial to prevent waterlogged soil and root rot.

Opt for materials like ceramic, plastic, fibreglass, or frost-resistant clay for durability outdoors.

Elevate pots on pot feet or insulate them with materials like bubble wrap to prevent direct contact with cold surfaces.

Select pots that allow ample space for plant roots to grow and consider the plant’s eventual size.

Durable options like frost-resistant ceramic or plastic work well for larger outdoor planters.

Both have their advantages; plastic is lightweight, while ceramic offers durability and insulation. Choose based on your specific needs.

It’s not always necessary to put stones in your planter; you can use a potting mix with good drainage instead. Stones may impede drainage in some cases.

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