Upcoming Summer Garden Trends

As the winter draws to a close, more and more of us look to our outdoor spaces, eagerly waiting to get stuck in and have that first barbeque of the year. If you are looking to update your garden, now is the time to get stuck in and bring in some of this year’s top trends to your space. 

Over the last few years a shift in lifestyles has seen many people spending more time at home for both work and leisure, leading to a focus on outdoor living and changes to the way we use and plant our gardens. We now see our gardens as an extension of inside space, whether that be just a neatly kept balcony or a wide expanse complete with a dining area

Bringing in some of this summer’s trends to your garden will help keep it up to date, reinvigorate your space and ensure you have a space to relax and entertain in. We’ve put together some of the top garden trends being seen brightening up spaces this year.

Eco-friendly Gardens

The idea of an eco-friendly garden is not a new concept, but this year the focus has shifted into creating an environmentally healthy garden, rather than just looking like it. This trend is seeing less of the rewilding approach but more of a relationship between using local or ethically produced materials and plant choices made for their impact and contribution rather than just their appearance. The popularity in creating calm spaces has led to the trend of using natural materials for hardscaping like natural stone paths.  Using native plants that support our wildlife, planted in conjunction with ethically sourced wooden planters help bring this trend into your garden.


Drought Tolerant Planting

2022 saw one of the hottest summers on record and combined with a general increase in hotter summers and unpredictable weather, one of this summer’s gardening trends is resilient planting. Flower choices this year are set to be based upon long-flowering seasons, drought tolerance and also species that attract pollinators. This trend will also see an increase in popularity for all-round flowering, choosing species that provide colour and blooms no matter the weather. By choosing plants like this, any long hot summers this year will do little to impact the plants in our gardens.


Following on from the environmentally conscious trend, there will be a trend on soil health and a focus for sustainable methods to help improve its quality and reduce weeds. Areas such as plant beds and borders will feature this trend the most with gardeners focusing on dressing the surface of plants to improve moisture retention, helping to combat the changing climate. There will also be a focus on reusing and using recycled materials as mulches helping to reduce carbon footprints and support the health of your garden.


Cottage Gardens

Cottage gardens have always been a popular type of garden with an abundance of plants of different species, rich in colour and fragrance and often featuring a small vegetable garden. This summer the cottage garden is thought to come back, with a twist. The focus will be on biodiversity, using different planting zones that are available, mixed bed, gravel areas and vegetable plots to create a full, interesting garden that attracts wildlife and pollinators. As with most cottage gardens there no doubt will be a whimsical twist with unusual planters featured throughout, recycling unused objects as containers for plants.

Tapestry lawns

With a rise in popularity for low maintenance gardening and a hands off approach, many gardens will see the demise of the lawn and in its stead a tapestry lawn or meadow that requires little interference. Traditional lawns are quite full on, requiring feeding, cutting and watering to keep them looking green, and suffer particularly during dry spells. Tapestry lawns use low-growing flowering plants that use less water, don’t require cutting and attract wildlife so rather than just having a block of green, you will have a patchwork of coloured flowers. Now this isn’t practical for every garden so its popularity is yet to be seen, but for those who don’t use their lawn this could be a very popular alternative.


Growing flowers for cutting and drying

Dried flowers have been part of the interior trends for a good few years and this is thought to go as far as people beginning to grow specific varieties for cutting and indoor arrangements, saving money and again bringing in that eco conscious choices. Hydrangeas, Lavender, Larkspur, Stocks and Roses are thought to be the most popular species that will be found. This trend also extends to cut, fresh flowers with people trying their hand at growing their own bouquets.

There are many trends set to come in this year, but above are just a few of the easiest to implement to your space if you would like to give it a face lift. If you would like any help and advice for updating your space, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or pop into the store, our friendly team members are always happy to help and advise you on your next project.

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