What To Do in The Garden in April

Spring is finally here with daffodils blooming and starting to flower, brightening the garden as it begins to become sunnier. Inevitably at this time of year, your garden will receive April showers and rain, but this helps to feed shoots and new growth. Still be wary of frosts and protect particularly vulnerable plants, but this month is specifically for planting and growing. 

Here are a few gardening jobs to complete throughout April:

What To Do in the Garden in April

Plants and Flowers:

  • Begin sowing hardy annuals into the gaps you will now be able to see in your borders.
  • As spring bulbs and bedding plants bloom and then wilt, deadhead the flowers to encourage second blooms.
  • Begin pruning your hydrangeas, cutting back old stems just before the new shoots to create a fuller-looking plant.
  • Divide and replant clumps of hardy perennials like Hostas and Astas to keep the original plant healthy and add more colour to your borders. 
  • You can begin to sow Sunflowers in small pots, ready for planting later in the year, just remember to keep watering healthy amounts and watch for signs of pests.
  • Begin planting hanging baskets and pots with summer bedding plants but keep warm until the last frost is over.
  • After the frosts have finished you can plant Rhododendron bushes whilst the ground is moist.
  • Before they have grown too much, begin tying in Climbing Roses to support the shoots.
  • Train Honeysuckle and Clematis stems by tying growth to supports.
  • Deadhead faded flowers from winter pansies and winter bedding plants to stop them going to seed, you may be likely to get second blooms throughout the spring.

Lawn Care:

  • Repair patches in your lawn by sowing grass seed or laying new turf
  • Remove moss and weeds from the lawn and feed with a nitrogen-rich lawn feed to help boost growth at the start of the season.
  • Begin mowing your lawn more regularly and as required.


What To Do in the Garden in April

In the fruit and vegetable patch:

  • Add a 5 cm layer of compost or manure into the vegetable beds before sowing to improve the quality of the soil, ready for planting.

Begin sowing these into pots and trays to begin with, ready for planting in the summer and warmer temperatures:

  • Plant second early and main crop potatoes. Take a look here for more information and tips on how to grow potatoes.
  • Sow outdoor varieties of tomatoes and courgettes ready to be planted in June.
  • Sow rocket and different varieties of salad leaves which will be a great addition to your summer salads
  • Plant herbs in pots or trays including favourites such as basil, chives, parsley, fennel and coriander
  • The following can also begin to be planted: runner beans, french beans, cucumbers, courgettes, pumpkins and sweetcorn. 
  • Continuously hoe between rows of seedlings regularly and clear out the top of pots to prevent rapid weed growth.

Pests and Weeds:

  • Protect the shoots of vulnerable plants like Delphiniums and Lupins from slugs and snails
  • Spray the new leaves and shoots on roses with fungicide to control and prevent mildew, rust and blackspot.
  • Protect Sunflower and vegetable seedlings from slugs and snails and where needed apply pesticides
  • Check for aphids on your roses and act quickly to avoid infestations, brush off any sign and apply relevant pesticides.
  • Keep on top of deadheading your plants, picking off faded blooms before fungal diseases can take effect.
What To Do in the Garden in April

Watering Tips:

  • Start feeding houseplants once a week with liquid fertiliser, continuing through to Autumn 
  • If you haven’t already, consider adding guttering to your greenhouse or buildings to install a water butt so you can make good use of the April showers.


  • Begin removing dirt from patios and paths with pressure washers ready for more frequent use as the weather turns nicer.
  • Purchase and store in a dry place potting compost ready for the month ahead.
  • Keep track and where possible write down what you have already sown and where you have planted to avoid digging up bulbs or plants. 
  • If you aren’t a fan of growing vegetables from seeds, begin purchasing vegetable plants ready for transferring when the weather gets warmer.

Something for the little ones:

  • Sunflowers are a great plant to start growing with your children as they are easy to look after and maintain. Take a look here for top tips and tricks for growing sunflowers in pots.
  • Keep putting out bird seed as the spring brings new life and begins and they will be looking to feed their young.
  • Get your children involved in planting vegetables and watering the shoots, this might encourage them to try new things if they have been able to look after them. 

For more information about what to do in the garden in April, or for some helpful tips and advice, please do not hesitate to pop in the store and ask one of our team members. We stock a wide range of plants, compost and pots, perfect for this time of year. If you would like any further information or to enquire, please contact us.

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