What To Do in the Garden in August

The last official month of summer has already come around. August still brings plenty of warmth and floral blooms as well as ripened tomatoes, and the bounty of the summer season. Lawns are in full use thanks to the children’s summer holiday and the warm evenings for entertaining.

Take a look at all the things that you should be doing throughout the month of August in your garden to keep it looking its best.

What To Do in the Garden in August

Plants and Flowers:

  • Prune summer flowering shrubs like Wisteria once the blooms have finished flowering.
  • Also prune climbing roses after flowering has finished.
  • Deadhead annual bedding plants and perennials to encourage them to flower in the autumn.
  • For tall plants like Dahlia and Lilies, stake the stems to prevent damage caused by winds and heavy rain.
  • Cut back faded and spent perennial plants to keep areas tidy.
  • Collect seeds from plants for sowing next year and store in a cool dark place like a container in the garage or fridge. Some seeds can be left in the plant for self-sowing next year.

Lawn Care:

  • If your lawn is looking a little brown after a long hot summer, do not worry, the autumnal rains will soon return and grasses will soon turn luscious and green again.
  • Throughout August you should begin stopping lawn feeding. This will stop new growth from forming which is beneficial as it will unlikely survive autumn weather.
  • Begin reducing the amount of times your grass is trimmed and increase the height of the mower blades to reduce stress on the grass.
  • Trim hedges and shrubs for the last time this year.
What To Do in the Garden in August

In the fruit and vegetable patch:

  • Protect ripe fruit and vegetables from birds and animals with netting and strategically placed scarecrows.
  • Cut back herbs to try and get one more growth before the first frosts arrive.
  • Start harvesting maincrop potatoes and store in a cool dark place, ideally in hessian sacks, to ensure longevity of crop.
  • Continue harvesting courgettes before they become too large.
  • Plant any rooted runners of strawberries to increase the amount of crops next year.
  • Harvest fruit trees, peaches, nectarines and apricots all of which are ripe in August.

Pests and Weeds:

  • Keep on top of weeds to reduce competition as seasonal plants come to the end of their flowering.
  • If you have experienced disease in any of your plants ensure that any spent and diseased foliage is removed to discourage pests and spreading of disease.
  • Similarly on potatoes and tomatoes continually check for blight and instantly remove any diseased material to prevent spreading to healthy plants.
What To Do in the Garden in August

Watering Tips:

  • As warmer temperatures prevail and crops continue to ripen, water fruits and veg daily.
  • Frequently water evergreen shrubs such as Rhododendrons and Camellias.
  • For last minute holiday goers, remember to organise someone to pop in and water your plants, don’t forget about your house plants too!


  • Think about how you would like your garden to look next summer and what you want to change from this year. Planning in advance can help you buy the correct amount of plants for your area and ensure that you have them ready when the correct time for planting comes around.
  • Begin looking at perennial plants that you can add colour to your garden with over the autumn and winter.

Something for the little ones:

Before the children head back to school get them involved in helping you collect your seeds. A great and fun way is to remove sunflower seeds in the shape of smiley faces. You’ll collect a good amount of seeds and be left with multiple smiling plants standing tall in your garden.

Throughout August you can always find everything you need to keep your garden looking its best at the Holt Garden Centre. Our friendly plant team are always on hand to share their expert advice and care tips to keep your plants flowering as long as possible. Pop in store to browse the latest seasonal plants, offers and to grab a coffee with friends.

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